As a producer I draw heavily from my theatre training, borrowing key ideologies from ensembles and company troupes. I believe that finding good people is like finding gold.  I aspire to tell stories which inspire, confront, challenge and compel the audience.

As owner of Deluzional Productions, I am currently in development on a slate of original projects including comedy, dramedy, impact series, horror and suspense.  Previous productions include the episodic psychological thriller, Interrogation

As a freelancer, I have recently worked on productions with HBO, Paramount, Lionsgate, ABC (Shondaland), Amazon and Netflix.   


In my work as VP of Strategic Alliances with Film Festival Flix, I have the privilege of partnering with the current industry leaders and participating in shaping the Hollywood of tomorrow.  With the launch of Think Independently we hope to shed light on practical skills, tools, and resources which are available to the next wave of industry leaders and empower them to find measurable success in their careers.


Previous work includes co-producing the North Hollywood CineFest, an annual international film festival in the heart of the world famous "NoHo Arts District."  Prior to this, I spent several years working in the corporate world in various Public Relations roles, specializing primarily in strategic alliance building and corporate video producing. During this time I co-produced the Emmy Nominated PSA Casa Colina with Todd Covelli and was responsible for developing and producing over 1,000 corporate/nonprofit videos for a variety of different clients/purposes.

Having grown up in Los Angeles, I completed my undergraduate education in San Diego, CA., graduating Cum Laude with 3 Bachelor of Arts degrees including Communications (Theatre), Musical Composition and Vocal Performance. 

While my favorite activity is usually working on my next project, I also enjoy swing dancing, wingchun (kung fu), traveling and spontaneously joining any "puppy party"that I can crash in the park.